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Q. : I don’t want my cell phone number given out to advertising agencies, am I going to get mobile spam.
A. : No. Your information is kept private in accordance with all privacy laws. Once you register, your information is not given, rented, or lent to any outside organization. You will only receive those text messages you agreed to when you registered and your information will be deleted the day after the Tournament.
Q. : I’ve heard of premium text messaging, will I be changed for messages.
A. : No. SMSnet does not charge you when you receive our text messages. There is no cost at all to receive our text messages providing you have a text messaging package with your Canadian wireless provider. Note that visitors from another country may be subject to roaming charges. Please check with your wireless provider for details.
Q. : Who will be sending me text messages?
A. : Only the Tournament host Club will be sending you text messages during the tournament. No other party has access to your cell phone number.
Q. : Why should I subscriber to receive text messages?
A. : If you have even been to a Sports Tournament before, you know surprises can happen. Through our text messaging service, you can be notified of important information instantly.
Q. : What if I want to opt out? What happens.
A. : Your text messaging will stop automatically at the end of the tournament, but you can reply STOP to any text message and we automatically remove you from our list.
Q. : Could we use this texting service for any sports tournament?
A. : Absolutely! We offer specifically designed services for sports tournaments and special events, and the price is much less than you might think. Plus when you can add our TourneySMS text messaging to your Tournament, simply add the fee per player to your tournament fee.
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