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Delivering the right message to the right people, in the right place, at the right time!
SMSnet is a text messaging company that provides an easy to use text messaging platform enabling community sports organizations and businesses of all types to send instant mobile alerts directly to the cell phone of your members and customers. Please visit or click on a service link to find out more information.
SMSnet has a variety of service offerings for your Organization to choose from.
InfoSMS is a text message service available for your regular outdoor season.
SportsSMS is our free mobile alert service offering of ad supported, fundraising revenue generating text messaging for minor sports leagues.
ScoreBoard SMS is an opt-in score delivery service for sports events and tournaments. Keep track of all the teams in your division or multiple divisions. Know who won and is moving on as it happens.
Event SMS is our opt-in information delivery service for special events that keeps your special event visitors or your charitable event supporters in the know before, during and after your event.
BusinessSMS is our B2B/B2C division that enables any business to utilize text messaging technology to engage customers and clients more personally with promotional offers or time sensitive sales or information.
SMSnet uses text messaging technology and relationships with all wireless carriers to place the right information into the right people’s hands in seconds.
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