Tournament text messaging
know b4 u go™
provide instant updates on delays, who’s moving on…
whatever your participants need to know!
TourneySMS is a text messaging solution for distributing information immediately during your Sports Tournament. This mobile alert service enables Tournament Organizers to send important text messages to the cell phones of coaches, players and parents of all participating teams as well as Officials and Volunteers.
And messages arrive within moments of being sent! Please text the keyword “TOURNEY” without the “ ” to 767638 and you should receive an auto-response within seconds, regardless of which wireless carrier you use. It's free to receive our text message if you have a text messaging option on your cell phone plan. If you click a link within a text message, other charges may apply per your service plan.
TourneySMS enables the Tournament Host to text all registered teams immediate information regarding divisional scores, who is moving on, delays, cancellations, special events, even special tournament offers from sponsors or any other information that the Tournament Organizer feels is important.
Tournament Text Messaging
No more trying to track down the right person for your answers or wasting valuable time heading off to the Tournament Headquarters to get answers. Now your tournament participants can know within moments whatever information you want them to know! TourneySMS saves your tournament participants and their families’ time, money, gas and eliminates the frustration of not knowing.
When visiting teams register for your Tournament, you inform them that a text messaging service is included in their registration fee. We provide a stand-alone registration service for any sports organization hosting a sports tournament, or we can accept all information by export file, plus we may already integrate with your registration service provider.
We offer two different packages to meet your needs: a Coaching Staff only service for 5 cell phone numbers for $10.00 per team, or a Team service for $20.00 for up to 20 team members. Additional cell phone numbers are just $1.00 each. We suggest that amount be added to the cost of your Tournament entry fee*. And specially designed hybrid solutions for special events are always available.
Our packages provide you with 10 text messages to be sent to every member of every team over the course of your tournament. You can send your text messages by Team, Division or any other parameter, plus they are counted so you always know how many you have used.
If you need to send more texts, extras are just a click away. Tournament SMS is hosted on our secure site and is accessed by your tournament volunteers by computer and soon, by smart phone. Using TeamFinder™, our own proprietary database search engine, you can run a query for any or all teams, write a quick text message and click send.
Send game results, advancement notices, delay information, congratulatory messages, or anything else to help make your tournament better before, during and after the game. At an average of just one dollar per player/family, it is well worth it to know how your division is doing, if you are playing that 4th game, if you have time for a sit down team meal or if you need to get something to go, or even if you can check out of your hotel early.
We like to say it this way:  know b4 u go™
provide instant updates on delays, who’s moving on…
whatever your participants need to know!
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